Thursday, 20 June 2013

T pose for character

This is new design of the same character from my portfolio,I redrawn it to translate to 3d model in maya, but not yet started, everybody help me please!

The Sam -

He is 2.5 year old son of raowri.e. he is so funny and naughty, always make problems for mom and also resolve it by himself, but sometimes.

Drawings by me...

My right Leg.

During Winter season when I was taking hot air from the "Heater" 
My slipper on the Floor.  
 My roommate was Thinking about work pose.

Left hand



Kid in costumes..

My first clay model.....

This drawing I have done during college class. I used flash to draw outline and Photoshop for little shading.
The Indian girl character...

                                                             The in house set of "indian home"

Little animation

My animation showreel!